Sunday, 15 September 2013

Our channel!

Oh why hello there! Today i am gonna tell you something surprising! 


Ive just created a new youtube account! 

Oh, not surprising? Ok.

Nah! Just kidding! Haha. I created this account with my friend Ellie(not real name). The object on making this account is to be famous and do what we like to do.. Got that support from Pewds. Haha. Ill put the link below and dont forge to subscribe!

Basically, its just one person in a video. Because we have to plan the meet up to do a vlog.. But there is no suitable time.. But! On 4th till 7th October we are sooooo sure we are gonna vlog together so dont worry. I know y'all love us so much that u want us to be together. Well, that sounds...Weird. 

Anyways, we are not thinking of recording our gaming but who knows? If we do, we'll not be together though.. Its just you and me, in the loading screen. *rape face* 

Oh god. Anyways, i think that is all for today.. So i'll see you soon! 

Our channel :

Where to find me :-
twitter : @dynaxx_
facebook : Dyna Dyana
insta : dynadyanaxx
keek : dynadyana

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bye Bye!

Halla! Hur mar du? Yagh mar bra ;) 

So hello there. We meet again... 

I am so busy this week cleaning and packing my things into boxes coz im moving. I know some of you who loves me must be crying right now. But dont worry, am just moving to another house not moving not moving to another school, dont worry. HAHAHA. Ive been spending a week sending pranks to people that i am moving to another HOUSE but not SCHOOL. hahaha oh how i love pranks.. gaagaga hahaha 

maybe this post is short enough that it takes only 1 second to read it. well, that sounds weird... who cares! anyways, i think that is all for today, so ill see you next time! 

Dyna xx

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