Tuesday, 6 August 2013

2nd Last Day of Puasa!

Hey korang! 

Lama dah dyna tk update kan? sunyi tak sunyi tk? hahaha perasannya lahaii aku ni. okay btw, harini sh 2nd last day puasa! wooohoo! nk raya! tk sabar nk balik singapore! weeewoottt xD esok insyaallah, ptg tu dyna balik singapore naik kete.. and, sblom balik singapore, dyna akan buat keek! yayy haha xD and dyna akan keek setiap hari dyna kluar raya! yayyy! whos excited? lol. info nnti dyna bg.. so, skrg ni pbs dh melampau, dyna rase die tk suke dyna, and rasenye, dyna just berserah je lah. dyna just anggap die bff yg plg rapat <3 pape je lah. lps cuti raya ni, dyna ngn kengkawan dyna nk kluar jln2 raya rumah kwn! yay,, and kitorg tgh fikir camne nk gi umah kwn yg jauh sikit tu.. slalunya jln kaki je,, sbb dekat.. and dyna tk sabar nk tayang kasut baru woooo,, thn ni first time pakai flat shoes haha. selama ni dyna pakai wedges lol. hmm.. dyna rase harini penat smcm lah.. ntah knp.. okaylah, tutup cite psl ni. 

Info for Directioners! 

BSE MV broke the Vevo record by 12.3 million, beating Miley Cyrus's We Cant Stop MV. 
First screening for This is Us in UK, surrounded by screaming and emotional fans(lol me). 
One Direction nominated for Teen Choice Awards in 6 categories. Go and check it out. Vote once per day.
MTVHottest voting online by tweeting hashtag MTVHottest One direction. 

Well, that is all for today, ill see you guys soon! *brofist* maahaaaaaaaaa! 

Dyna xx

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